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The Compaqkit-1B is designed for determining the quantity of various bulk substances in accordance with EU standard EN12580. EN12580 provides the method for determining a quantity of growing mixes and soil improvers (horticultural peat, substrates, potting soils, compost, tree bark, etc.). The measuring kit has been manufactured in accordance with the dimensions set in EN12580. The measuring cylinder included in the kit has been calibrated, which is proven by the sticker on the measure and the calibration certificate included in the kit. The kit has transporting and working positions (see Pic. 1 and 2). To place the kit in the working position and vice versa takes a couple of minutes. In the transporting position, the kit takes up little space and is easily transported. In the transporting position, the cylinder in the kit can be used as a container for samples. The top of the cylinder can be closed with a lid. In the transporting position, the cylinder fits all of the primary equipment and accessories. Placing the kit in the transporting position is effected by rotating the legs of the precision stand 90 degrees. The metal components of the kit have been manufactured from acid-proof stainless steel. The measuring cylinder, collar and screen holder have been manufactured from black plastic pipe.

Pic.1. Transporting position

Pic. 2. Set of screens

Pic. 3. Lid and levelling knife

Pic. 5. Digital hang scale

Components in the main kit are listed in Table 1. The kit includes 2 spare bolts with plastic heads for fastening the legs of the precision stand. The brush with plastic bristles in the kit is the simplest implement for rendering pressed peat the way it was before being packaged. The brush allows peat to be manually milled off the surface of a pressed block and to release pressed peat particles from one another.

Table 1. List of components in the main kit. Accessories:small field spade, available by order

Measuring cylinder and collar Screen 20 mm Measure lid
Screen holder (fall controller) Screen 40 mm Digital hang scale
Precision stand Screen 60 mm Weighing string
Screen 10 mm Levelling knife Brush with plastic bristles